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KY Fairness PAC Endorsements in 11 Jefferson County Races
KY Primary Election Tuesday, May 17

(Louisville, KY) C-FAIR, the Political Action Committee of the Fairness Campaign, makes endorsements in 11 Jefferson County Primary Election races:

State Senate District 33 – Democratic Primary
Senator Gerald Neal

State House District 38 – Democratic Primary
Councilman Dan Johnson

State House District 41 – Democratic Primary
Attica Scott

State House District 43 – Democratic Primary
Representative Darryl Owens

State House District 46 – Democratic Primary
Allen Schuler

State House District 48 – Democratic Primary
Maria Sorolis

Louisville Metro Council District 2 – Democratic Primary
Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin

Louisville Metro Council District 4 – Democratic Primary
Bryan Burns

Louisville Metro Council District 6 – Democratic Primary
Councilman David James

Louisville Metro Council District 8 – Democratic Primary
Stephen Reily

Jefferson County Family Court Division 9
Judge Gina Kay Calvert

Senator Gerald Neal, who has served nearly three decades in the Kentucky Senate, is C-FAIR’s pick for reelection to State Senate District 33. As Minority Caucus Chair, Senator Neal is Louisville’s only Democratic representative in either House or Senate leadership. He has been steadfast on LGBT Fairness and a vocal advocate against discriminatory legislation and civil rights infringements. His opponents, Charles Booker and Judge Toni Stringer, are both strong leaders with clear visions for the district.

Councilman Dan Johnson for State House District 38 gets the C-FAIR nod after having received endorsement in his 2014 bid for reelection to the Louisville Metro Council. Councilman Johnson voted for Louisville’s Fairness Ordinance and was a co-sponsor of Louisville’s successful minimum wage ordinance. He has proven to be a Metro Councilman dedicated to his constituents and we believe he will serve as vigorously as a state representative. His opponent, McKenzie Cantrell, is a passionate legal advocate for working families and a first-time candidate we hope to see run for public office again.

Attica Scott for State House District 41 is C-FAIR’s strong choice against incumbent Rep. Tom Riner, notable for commandeering an anti-LGBT letter to the U.S. Supreme Court against the freedom to marry and for brokering the arrangement between Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel. As a former member of the Louisville Metro Council, Attica Scott was outspoken on issues related to LGBT rights, increasing the minimum wage, vacant and abandoned properties, and was the primary sponsor of “Ban the Box” legislation that passed unanimously. She knows how to get things done and won’t compromise her strong social justice principles.

Representative Darryl Owens is C-FAIR’s obvious choice for reelection to State House District 43. Recently appointed Chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Owens has been a longtime civil rights leader. He voted for Jefferson County’s LGBT Fairness Ordinance in 1999 as a County Commissioner, and continues to co-sponsor a Statewide Fairness Law in the General Assembly. This year, he granted the second-ever hearing on Statewide Fairness in his committee and led the way to the successful passage of expungement legislation.

Allen Schuler for State House District 46 is a strong progressive who receives the C-FAIR endorsement. A retired school teacher, he notes that charter schools serve the few and undermine our public schools, and he vigorously opposes so-called right to work legislation and the harm it would do to working families. We believe Allen Schuler has the fire and foresight to lead in Frankfort.

Maria Sorolis for State House District 48 is the C-FAIR choice for this primary race. She has a clear commitment to civil rights and strong opposition to dangerously broad religious exemptions, like those proposed in this year’s “License to Discriminate” Senate Bill 180. She will be a firm and pragmatic voice for fairness in Frankfort.

Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin is C-FAIR’s endorsement for reelection in Louisville Metro Council District 2. Dr. Shanklin is a longtime friend of Fairness and proponent of LGBT rights. The C-FAIR team was quite impressed with her opponent, Rasean Crawley, who we hope to see run for office again in the near future.

Bryan Burns for Louisville Metro Council District 4 receives the C-FAIR endorsement. With a background as varied and diverse as the district he seeks to represent, Bryan Burns brings innovative ideas for economic sustainability, social and educational improvements, and overall community growth based on his true understanding of the inner-workings of both District 4 and metro government.

Councilman David James is a candidate C-FAIR is proud to endorse for reelection to Louisville Metro Council District 6. Councilman James is not only supportive of LGBT issues, but is well versed in the many issues facing the 6th District, one of the most diverse in Louisville Metro. Councilman James’ knowledge of the entire breadth and diversity of the district, coupled with his knowledge of how to get work done, makes him the best choice.

Stephen Reily for Metro Council District 8 is C-FAIR’s pick to represent the Highlands district long served by Councilman Tom Owen, who is retiring. It is safe to say the entire group of candidates running for this seat represents an embarrassment of riches—most of them would make excellent council members. Stephen Reily impressed C-FAIR with his leadership style of “leading through listening” and with his accomplished record of achievements both professionally and for social justice. He has been a longtime advocate for LGBT rights and reproductive freedom and he characterizes his vision for Louisville Metro as a city that truly welcomes everyone.

Judge Gina Kay Calvert for Jefferson County Family Court Division 9 receives C-FAIR’s support for her continued commitment to fairness and equality and her long career in family law prior to becoming a judge in District Court. She will exercise fairness and compassion on the bench and add her experience and expertise as a sitting judge.

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C-FAIR, the Committee for Fairness And Individual Rights, is the Political Action Committee of the Fairness Campaign.

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